Training Effectiveness & Measurement

Training Effectiveness & Measurement

Enhancing Your Return on Training Investment

As we all know, training can be a major investment of money, time, energy, and expectations. The common question organizations struggle with is “how effective is this training?” The answers can be difficult, confusing, and complicated. With our system, TransferLogix™ , we can eliminate all that by providing a failsafe framework for . . .

  • ensuring and supporting the application/implementation of training content and behaviours
  • measuring the effectiveness and results of your training  

Most of the studies done on the actual application of training content indicate the following:

  • Level 1 : if there is no follow-up beyond the training itself, 30-40% of the training content will be applied by 60-70% of the participants
  • Level 2 : if there is informal supervisor/manager follow-up, 50-65% of the training content will be applied by 75-85% of the participants
  • Level 3 : if there is a structured, integrated, and on-going follow-up and support system, 75-90% of the training content will be applied by 85-95% of the participants

Benefits. . .

With TransferLogix™, the most researched and effective transfer of training process available, we can ensure at least level 3 results with each and every training event. And, it’s done on-line – making it simple, practical, and effective for today’s tech-savvy workforce.

TransferLogix process

Note: Components/Topics can be combined and/or mixed to create custom programs.