ExcelTrack2™ is a high-impact training program, conducted in a 1 day session. It is designed to provide participants with the 18 keys to high performance – all the things you want your people to hear and know; a road map for career success; and the foundations for total job satisfaction. exceltrak_1
The development of a peak performance individual requires a synergy of a positive mindset, skill/knowledge, and results-focused actions.   This program provides the framework for that synergy.ExcelTrack2™ delivers the specific messages your organization wants everyone to have that will enable them to focus their energies in the right direction. It empowers people to understand what they need to do to be successful, to support the success of the organization, and to put and keep their own careers on the right track.The ExcelTrack2™ training program is an interactive, participative, and stimulating workshop that is not only loaded with lots of valuable information and insights, but also teaches participants how to apply the training and follow a path of continuous improvement. And in addition, it provides a supportive implementation process to ensure success.


THE 18 KEYS: What you need to do to ensure success – these are the consistent behaviours/attributes/characteristics of high performing people!

  1. Personal Vision
  2. Self-Awareness
  3. Accountability/Responsibility
  4. Positive Attitude
  5. Effective Communication
  6. Relationship Management
  7. Solid Reputation
  8. Strong Work Ethic
  9. Making the Right Choices
  10. Time Management
  11. Change Management
  12. Creativity
  13. Stress Management
  14. Pro-Activity
  15. Character and Integrity
  16. Exceeding Expectations
  17. Good Health
  18. Continuous Improvement

plus . . . a powerful system for application and implementation


This high-impact program includes . . .

  • 1 day of high-impact training
  • a personal and confidential attribute assessment report
  • a comprehensive workbook/manual
  • supportive handouts and materials
  • a success implementation process

Outcomes (for the organization)

This high-impact program typically has a positive impact on the individual’s . . .

  • success motivation
  • level of accountability
  • self-direction
  • focus and concentration on key results
  • high performance

Outcomes (for the individual)

This high-impact program results in . . .

  • providing a focused roadmap for personal success
  • reducing negative stress
  • creating higher levels of self-confidence
  • providing a sense of control
  • creating real security derived from high performance