The Exceptional Coach

In line with globalization, technology and demographic changes, the role of the manager has become complex. Managers are no longer hired to “manage” or to take care of the business. They are expected to be leaders, to provide vision and purpose, to hire and train, to inspire and motivate, to get results and to motivate those who get results. That role is that of a coach.

Organizations often suffer from a lack of engagement demonstrated by their employees and faced with this challenge, leaders often feel disempowered. Through coaching, managers can utilize in full, the mental capacity and emotional intelligence of their employees. For this reason, more and more organizations are interested in the development of a work culture that supports coaching.


The objective of this training program is to help the participants discover their coaching potential and to develop exceptional coaching habits and skills for use in their workplace.


This training program will enable the participants to:

  • Establish the foundation for a coaching culture in their workplace
  • Create their own practical road map to become exceptional coaches
  • Use tools & apply techniques of exceptional coaches