Peak Performance Systems offers a wide range of individual, team, and organizational assessments, evaluations, and surveys.


A comprehensive report identifying behavioural and communication style. It also identifies a person’s value to the organization, how to motivate and manage this person, and their developmental needs. This 24 page in-depth behavioural analysis provides a “window” into understanding how a person will perform in the workplace, identifies their strengths, weaknesses and provides assessment of specific qualities such as organization, analytical skill, competitiveness, sense of urgency, customer orientation, ability to manage change, versatility, and interactions with others. This assessment can be configured for management/leadership, sales, customer service, or general staff.


Identifies the hierarchy of a person’s workplace value system, and what motivates them to high performance. This report will rank a person’s six key workplace motivators: Theoretical, Utilitarian, Traditional, Social, Individualistic, and Aesthetic. These values are a type of window through which we view the world and seek fulfillment in our lives. If we are participating in an activity, task, or job that is not in alignment with our values, we will not gain much satisfaction and likely feel some, or potentially a lot of, stress. By understanding what drives a person, you can compare their makeup to your culture to better assure a values “fit”.


Identifies 45 specific workplace attributes and compares them to a national norm. This assessment measures an individual’s “cognitive structure” around these factors. Cognitive structure comes from a combination of knowledge, comprehension, experience, and value a person places around a particular factor and is a strong indicator of their capability and likely performance as it relates to that particular factor. This unique business tool has been validated in 28 individual studies, conducted over 20 years by more than 19 separate examiners. This ensures that it is one of the most highly validated assessments available. It is a unique tool to assist management in Employee selection; Employee development; Coaching and Mentoring; Performance appraisals.


A unique summary of all three of the above reports that identifies whether or not someone is likely to perform well. This often ties in to the benchmarking process (below) where you can compare an individual to a particular job. This can be used to assist in selection, but also can be used as coaching tool to help people develop. The TriMetrix process is an effective tool for: Job benchmarking ; Talent selection; Employee coaching; Employee development; Performance appraisals; Succession planning; Organization development.


A process of identifying the primary and most important success factors in a specific position, and a comparative individual assessment of how an individual measures against those factors. Benchmarking jobs is a focused method of scientifically matching a person to a job.


A customized process of evaluating an organization’s (or team’s) performance in the four performance component areas (resources, direction, skill & knowledge, motivation) – enabling the organization to gain clarity on how and where to focus on increasing performance.

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