The Extraordinary Leader

Going from Good to Great
A high-impact, 2-4 day Leadership training and development program
The Extraordinary Leader is the most practical and effective leadership program available. Based on the research from two of the pre-eminent business thought leaders of our time, this program relies on extensive, quantitative data collected and analyzed from 25,000 real world leaders.

The focus is on moving good leaders to becoming great leaders by focusing on the right things that create peak performance. Our approach is to “de-mystify” and simplify the practice of leadership. Leaders are made – not born. Anyone can become a great leader if they apply the insights from this program.

More than just a training program, The Extraordinary Leader provides a “road map” to success and a “template” for continuous development.

John Zenger


  • Learn the difference between
    good and great leaders
  • Learn the 5 foundations of leadership
  • Learn the 16 competencies of high-impact leaders
  • Learn why capitalizing on strengths is more important than improving weaknesses
  • Learn the difference between weaknesses and “fatal flaws”
  • Learn your strengths through the most highly validated leadership assessment