Sales Team Development Process


In today’s demanding and challenging business environment, the Sales Team’s ability to perform at a consistently high level is more important than ever before. Comprehensive studies of high performing organizations have clearly identified the Sales Team ‘s performance as the “catalyst” to short and long term success.



Development Process assists teams in better defining themselves, determining their effectiveness, identifying the condition of their key success factors, and in creating a strategic blueprint to help guide them in becoming more effective.


  1. Creating the Vision –  creating a “picture” of what the team and it’s dynamics would be in it’s ideal state
  2. Establishing the Core Team Values – establishing a set of guiding principles that the team would function within
  3. Primary Impact Factor (PIF) Assessment – evaluating  the condition of the key impact factors that affect the quality of the team
  4. PIF Comparative Analysis – comparing the result of the PIF Impact Factor Analysis with other high performing teams
  5. Key Insight Questions – answering  the 5 key questions that give direction to determine what needs to be done
  6. Challenge and Obstacle Identification – Identifying the key roadblocks to creating the desired team and its success
  7. Specific Actions and Initiatives – creative thinking process to determine key actions and initiatives
  8. Team and Individual Impact Analysis – Evaluating the team and personal “what’s in it for us/me” factor if these actions/initiatives were successful.
  9. Decisions and Application Process – Determining the what, when, how and who in the implementation of actions and initiatives and creating accountability
  10. Follow-up and “Kaizen” Process – Ensuring the integrity of the process and continuous improvement


  • Ideally, teams of 8-14
  • A two-day process
  • Best conducted offsite
  • Senior outside facilitator


As a result of the PPS Sales Team Development Process, teams will . . .

  • better understand their strengths and weaknesses
  • clarify team development needs
  • create a closer bond
  • develop a more effective operating process
  • communicate more effectively
  • make more relevant team development decisions
  • have a greater sense of team
  • increase effectiveness/performance
  • be more accountable

If you are seriously considering a team development or team building program, this is a first logical, practical, and proven-effective step in determining what your team really needs.

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