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Management & Leadership Training

High Performance Manager

HPM from Peak Performance Systems is a very comprehensive, cost-effective and results driven management development program. The “key” to the effectiveness of this program is based on committing the manager to take personal responsibility for results and performance.  It provides participants with the knowledge, insights, tools and motivation necessary to maximize potential and perform at ‘Peak Performance’ levels on a consistent basis. HPM provides a framework for continuous improvement that is easy to understand and practical to apply.

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The Exceptional Coach 

The business world today is complex and as a result the manager’s role has become complex.  Years ago, managers were hired to manage, then managers had to become “leaders”, provide vision and mission. Now managers are expected to recruit, train, motivate, inspire, correct and empower AND produce results. The way to do this is through coaching. Coaching allows you to take a diverse group of people and help them grow their skills, keep them satisfied and motivated and most importantly retain their talent.

Motivation and Empowerment

Surveys indicate that 73% of workers are less motivated today than they used to be ten years ago. 84% said they could perform much better if they wanted to. A full 50% of employees say they are exerting only enough effort to hang on to their jobs! Consistently “lack of motivation” is identified as the #1 human resources concern in business. You can be the “catalyst” for motivation by creating an environment that is motivating & energizing. You can help to remove barriers. You can be a peak performance coach.

Business Meeting
The Gift of Feedback

In today’s competitive business world it is imperative to have teams which are engaged and collaborative.  The performance of your business depends upon --the performance of every member of your staff.  Thus a key skill for all who manage staff is the ability to provide candid, constructive feedback about performance. The purpose of this course is to enable you to enhance your skills in giving feedback.

Communication Excellence

Communication is the glue that holds an organization together. How do the best organizations promote direction and engagement, accountability and strategic alignment? With clear communication. Communication informs, persuades, guides, and assures, as well as inspires. Investing in individual and team communication skills will result in long term growth and corporate objectives.


Today’s leaders need to be exceptionally good at managing work and at inspiring others to achieve team goals. Leaders need to be effective at presenting a compelling vision and outlining what needs to be done to achieve the vision.  Leaders need to create a high-performance environment where the focus is clear, the work is challenging, people feel appreciated, resources are available and people help and support one another….. A very tall order.  In this interactive session, we will explore the science of management and the art of leadership.

Building Collaborative Teams

In today’s complex and competitive workplace, the ability of teams to work together collaboratively and effectively is not an option.  Effective teams have an interactive and supportive culture that consistently produces high-performance results.  In order for any team to be successful, it must have foundational pillars, good team members and sound team processes, team focused accountability and trust.  In this course, you will learn how to take a group of people and develop them into a synergistic, high performing team.

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